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All products on this website use the Sheldon Grading system.

The Sheldon system was developed by Dr. William Sheldon in 1949 and a slightly modified version is used by most major grading companies and organizations. It is accepted worldwide.

Two designations dominate the grading landscape: PF and MS, short for Proof and Mint State respectively.

In its simplest form PF coins are Proof coins produced by the South African Mint as special, commemorative coins and are not designed for general circulation. PF or Proof is not a grade in itself, but a type of coin. 

Similarly, MS or Mint State coins are very much what you would find in your wallet.

The Sheldon Scale is a 70 point grading system, with 70 being the best grade possible. This denotes a 'perfect coin', if such a thing exists. Therefore, lower grades such as 61 or 62 are coins of 'lesser quality'. Collectors and Investors always aim for the higher grades.

The Sheldon Scale (with abbreviations in brackets):

0 : Blank

1 : Poor (P)

2 : Fair (FR)

3 : About Good (AG)

4 - 6 : Good (G)

8 - 10 : Very Good (VG)

12 - 15 : Fine (F)

20 - 35 : Very Fine (VF)

40 - 45 : Extra Fine (XF)

50 - 58 : About Uncirculated (AU)

60 - 70 : Mint State or Proof State depending on coin type (MS or PF)

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